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Potty Training

I have helped hundreds of families successfully potty train their autistic child with the same approach that I used when I was a special education teacher. I break your plan down into 3 stages with step-by-step directions and visual supports to get your child out of pull-ups.


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Challenging Behavior

Your child is capable of learning a new behavior with the right approach. I help you understand why your child is engaging in the behavior, identify the trigger, choose a replacement behavior, use reinforcement the right way, and create new habits at home that promote positive behaviors.                                              

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Visual Supports

Visual supports are proven to help your child with communication, independence, comprehension, behaviors, participation, anxiety, and more. Get instant access to a library of made-for-you visuals to print and start using to support your child. Let's create a visual-rich environment!                  


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Finding the right support doesn't have to be difficult

As an autism consultant and former autism teacher, I developed a passion for collaborating with parents to help their child thrive. When we work together, you’ll quickly see that I am solution-focused. I help you see the reason for the struggle, but more importantly, I help you with practical solutions to implement at home to support your child’s needs.

I take a collaborative approach to support parents needing help with challenging behavior, meltdowns, potty training, creating a visual-rich environment, and more. My parent membership is very interactive. You have the ability to talk back and forth with me every step of the way to get the support that you need!


More About Me

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Not only do you get immediate access to all of my resources when you join the membership, but you also get direct access to my support on our app and during live Zoom calls. My membership is a collaboration between you and I to get the right plan in place to support your child's needs. 

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